Thursday, July 15, 2010

Night Out...

147.0 this morning, which is the lowest in a while!

Tonight I went out for dinner/drinks with friends. I drank wine, which seems healthier than sugary mixed drinks, and ate a fantastic but small-portioned dinner, and then we all split 2 desserts. While it was definitely more calories than I would have eaten otherwise, I had a great night, and I just had small tastes of everything, so I don't feel totally gross. Also, I feel much better about it mentally, because I allowed myself to enjoy a good evening, rather than when I binge on cookies/cake/whatever alone by myself...that is just sad. Anyway, I'll try to cut back on the calories tomorrow and this weekend, but I had a really fun evening and I don't feel bad about it at all.

Tomorrow is day 29, resist food pushers. I definitely know a few of those. I'm really trying hard to establish a new healthy identity in my new city though...Lizzy the healthy eater!

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