Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 35

148.6 this morning (and I was even feeling kind of dehydrated). Heavy sighs.

The good news is that I'm pretty much done the work I was doing at nights, so I'll be able to add some evening workouts back in. My triathlon is 6 weeks away so I NEED to get my ass in gear. It'll be great to exercise more, but really, it's my eating that is bringing me down.

Here's what I plan to do to fix it:

- NO NUTS. yes, they're a "health food", but way too calorie dense in the quantities that I eat them.

- ONE serving of fruit, per day, max. Whether it's free or not!

- TWO diet cokes per day, max. (I'll cut back to one, and hopefully zero at some point, but I'm drinking it like it's going out of style at work, and even though it doesn't have calories it still can't be good for me). I'll drink lots of tea and water instead.

- Otherwise, stick to all south beach diet foods. Basically I'll be eating loads of vegetables, eggs, and lean meat.

- I'm going to plan out realistic meal plans in the evening and pack my lunch for the next day, and then say NO CHOICE when there's food that isn't on my meal plan.

Day 35 is another 'Get Ready to Weigh In' day...I don't weigh in till Tuesday, so hopefully I can turn things around before then!

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