Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 26

Oh man, I am BUSY...gotta make this quick!

Today was the first day of went okay...just regular first-day stuff, meeting people, getting the computer set up, reading documents... Eating-wise I did fantastic, because I was too busy to snack! (But, I'll have to bring some snacks tomorrow, because I was STARVING.)

Here's my plan for tomorrow:

- red pepper pre-gym
- egg muffin thingies for breakfast (crustless quiche that I'm cooking in muffin tins as we speak)
- cauliflower & pork tenderloin for lunch
- sugar snap peas and nuts for snack
- can of Amy's soup in case I'm still hungry
- taco salad for dinner
- handful of blueberries for dessert

Day 26 is 'Recognize Thinking Mistakes'. If I have time for any, I'll report back! (No sabotaging thoughts for today, I don't think. I may have briefly considered a "I deserve the baked doritos from the cafeteria, since it's my first day", but I opted for soup & salad bar instead. go me!


  1. CONGRATS on your first day!! Sounds like it was pretty successful! And way to make great choices!!! I'm very proud of you!

    I've officially met my first mini-goal!! YAY! If I lose another 10lbs, I'll weigh what I did when I found out I was preggo w/Wyatt (my youngest) YAY!

    Hope you have another great day!

  2. Oh wow, that is AWESOME! Congrats to you! I am still a ways away from my goal...but, baby steps!