Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 31

147.2 this morning...I'm hoping to be in the 146s by tuesday's "official" weigh-in!

I am doing really well with food this weekend...honestly, I haven't even been tempted to eat bad stuff. Now let's just hope I can keep this up in more difficult situations!

Day 31 is Decide About Drinking...again, good timing! I hardly ever drank before moving here, but it seems my friends here drink a whole lot more! The book says to decide how much you'll drink beforehand, so I'll do that the next time I have plans for going out.

In other news, I plan on going swimming tomorrow (if I get all this work done!). I need to get a lot of practice in before my triathlon!

1 comment:

  1. Great job!! I had to do the same thing. I went to a Pure Romance party and told myself I'd only have 1 drink, and I stuck to it!!
    Eating I did pretty good. Not as great as I could have, but I was nowhere near out of control as I would have been in the past.
    I'm down to 164.8!