Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 19

Today was a tough day. The scale said 147.6 today, which is down from yesterday, but still higher than last Saturday. I'm just kind of frustrated, because I feel like I've been doing really well, and if the scale isn't moving much now, how on earth am I going to do this in the coming weeks when I'm busy working, or when I'm going out with friends?! And also today, I was hungry, like, the entire day. And I ended up eating a lot, so I'm sure the scale will be even higher tomorrow.

BUT, thinking positively here...even though I was hungry today, I stuck to all SBD foods, and just had an additional giant salad and turkey burger. In the "old" days, I would get mad at myself for being hungry, and then mad at myself for eating more, and then mad at myself for getting fat in the first place, and then I would just eat everything in sight because I didn't care anymore because I was too MAD. Today I ate more than I planned, but I didn't get out of control, and I plan on doing a new workout DVD tonight to get some solid exercise in. Screw the scale, I am making good progress here, and I just need to be PATIENT.

To be honest, I kind of secretly hoped that if I stuck to the SBD, I'd lose 8-14 lbs in 2 weeks like they claim, and then if I just stick with it for a few more weeks I'd be in the 130s again, and THEN losing 1-2lbs a week would be fine. Obviously that was really dumb, and losing 8lbs in 2 weeks is an unrealistic goal, and if I DID lose 8lbs a lot of it would be water weight, and wouldn't last, etc. Moving forward, I just need to continue making healthy choices, and the results will come all in good time.

Whew, I feel a bit better now after all of that.

Day 19! Stop Fooling Yourself. I found this chapter kind of amusing, because I have thought EVERY SINGLE THING on the list of ways you fool yourself, at one time or another. And all of the Sabotaging Thoughts at the back too! One of the reasons I like this book a lot is because I really feel like Judith is 'on to me'. And if she's an expert, and she says doing these 42 steps will help me think like a thin person, then I WILL, dammit! :)

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  1. WOW!! Great blog postings!!! Sorry I haven't commented, I am just finally getting on the computer.
    My lovely monthly friend showed up yesterday, so just as I felt like I was really getting somewhere, of course I'm up from 167.6 to 168.2. UGH!! But, I'm NOT going to get discouraged.
    I've been pretty good. I've splurged a bit, but instead of just going balls to the wall, I have a small portion of it so I satisfy the want without totally throwing my diet to the wind!!
    I hope that you are having a very fun and safe 4th of July, and I'll talk to you soon!!