Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Doing Better!

I have been doing okay with food & exercise, but more importantly, twice I have felt like bingeing, and DIDN'T! The first time I wasn't even hungry, I just felt like eating something sweet, and I said "Liz, don't do this. Have a nice mug of tea and go to bed, and you'll be so much happier". And I was! The second time (tonight) I was at the grocery store, and I was hungry, and I ate a free sample of chocolate. Then I was super tempted to just say "screw it" and buy something from the bakery...but I thought of all the healthy eating I did today, and what a shame it would be to waste it all by eating hundreds of calories of crap. So instead I bought a healthy treat (kale chips! interesting...), and now I'm having another mug of tea and going to bed. yay!

I feel like I'm on the right track again, and it feels soooo much better! :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Okay, so my plan with the biscotti did NOT work out. At all. I ended up eating a ton of cookies, as well as the leftover nuts and chocolate. I think I will have to stick with avoiding having delicious things in my house at all costs, because I simply can't control myself around them.

The good news is that my workouts are going really well...I'm starting to get some muscles!

I'm hoping this week at work will be a little more relaxed, and I'll have time for some evening workouts. I have a bunch of social events planned for this week, so I'm going to eat really, really healthy during the workday to allow a little leeway for the evenings, and then not go overboard. That's the plan.

Man, losing weight is tough :(

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Busy, busy

Man, I have been SO busy at work these days! I haven't been able to work out in the evenings, but I've been eating pretty well since I last reported. Some things that have been working well for me are:

- when I want a "treat" for myself, for heading back to work at night (ugh) I get a skim latte. Only ~150 calories, as opposed to hundreds for a food treat! And it lasts longer too!

- I've been keeping a big bowl of cut-up kabocha squash in the fridge, and when I want a quick snack I steam some in the microwave, and add lots of cinnamon and a package of sweet n' low. Delicious and nutritious!

Today I'm going to make some cookies for my friend's birthday. I debated not making them, just so I wouldn't eat them...but my friend would love these, and would really appreciate the gesture. So, I decided I will do one small tasting of the dough (quality control!) and then I will eat the ends (it's biscotti). I WILL NOT eat: broken cookies, chocolate chips, lick the bowl, etc. I'll report back on how I did to keep me honest!

Weight-wise, I still haven't lost much weight, since I gained it all back last weekend when I binged on junk. That is incredibly frustrating, and something I will keep in mind the next time I feel like bingeing :(

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Keep on Trucking...

Today was an okay day...I'm gonna have to skip my evening workout to go back to work again, but I did some strength training this morning at least. There was ice cream at work today, which I didn't eat, but then I kind of pigged out on sugar-free fudgsicles (they have 40 calories each, but still...won't be buying those anymore!) Overall an okay day though!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 42

I said I wasn't gonna get on the scale, but I did anyway...aaaand it was 150.0 Wow. You can do A LOT of damage in 2 days. MUST REMEMBER THAT. (In fact, I wrote it all down on a response card. So there better not be a next time!)

Today was a much better day...ate a lot of healthy stuff in reasonable portions. Planned on doing some cardio tonight (I did weights in the morning) but I am waaaay too busy with work stuff. oh well.

The final day of the Beck book is Practice, Practice, Practice. I will certainly have opportunity to do this in the coming weeks! Off to bed now...another busy day tomorrow!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 41

I figure I'm so close to the end of the book, I may as well finish it off! Then I'll go back and work on the things I haven't mastered yet. And then maybe start a new book (a lot of Geneen Roth's get good reviews).

Today was a much better day, but I'm still feeling residual fat-and-grossness from the weekend. But, looking forward! Moving on! Tomorrow I'm going to start writing down everything that I eat again, and posting it here. My triathlon is in 5 weeks, which seems far to soon...but really, it is possible to lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks, if I just STICK TO IT!

Day 41 is Make a New To-Do List...basically just keep doing all the things I've been practicing.

Okay, I'm going to go ride my bike for a bit!

Back to the beginning...

Remember how I said it had been ages since I binged on junk food? Well, that streak is over. I did pretty much everything wrong yesterday night...I went out for dinner with a friend, and drank a lot...I guess because the conversation was kind of boring, and drinks were cheap. And then when I got home (I walked) I was still kinda drunk, and felt like eating, and told myself all the cliche things like "well I already ate that whole dinner, so I may as well go all out now", and "tomorrow I'll start eating healthy again!". I'd like to think that if I was totally sober, I would have made better choices, but who knows.

Anyway, it makes me incredibly frustrated to pretty much be back where I started. I need to go back to the things that were helping me in the beginning...reading my cards, thinking of strengthening my "resistance muscle", and blogging every day about my progress.

I think I'm not going to weigh-in tomorrow, because it will be awful, and probably make me cry.

So, back to the begininning. I'm going to read my ARC card, and head out for a run right now. And then I'll have a better day, dammit!