Saturday, August 7, 2010

Busy, busy

Man, I have been SO busy at work these days! I haven't been able to work out in the evenings, but I've been eating pretty well since I last reported. Some things that have been working well for me are:

- when I want a "treat" for myself, for heading back to work at night (ugh) I get a skim latte. Only ~150 calories, as opposed to hundreds for a food treat! And it lasts longer too!

- I've been keeping a big bowl of cut-up kabocha squash in the fridge, and when I want a quick snack I steam some in the microwave, and add lots of cinnamon and a package of sweet n' low. Delicious and nutritious!

Today I'm going to make some cookies for my friend's birthday. I debated not making them, just so I wouldn't eat them...but my friend would love these, and would really appreciate the gesture. So, I decided I will do one small tasting of the dough (quality control!) and then I will eat the ends (it's biscotti). I WILL NOT eat: broken cookies, chocolate chips, lick the bowl, etc. I'll report back on how I did to keep me honest!

Weight-wise, I still haven't lost much weight, since I gained it all back last weekend when I binged on junk. That is incredibly frustrating, and something I will keep in mind the next time I feel like bingeing :(

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