Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to the beginning...

Remember how I said it had been ages since I binged on junk food? Well, that streak is over. I did pretty much everything wrong yesterday night...I went out for dinner with a friend, and drank a lot...I guess because the conversation was kind of boring, and drinks were cheap. And then when I got home (I walked) I was still kinda drunk, and felt like eating, and told myself all the cliche things like "well I already ate that whole dinner, so I may as well go all out now", and "tomorrow I'll start eating healthy again!". I'd like to think that if I was totally sober, I would have made better choices, but who knows.

Anyway, it makes me incredibly frustrated to pretty much be back where I started. I need to go back to the things that were helping me in the beginning...reading my cards, thinking of strengthening my "resistance muscle", and blogging every day about my progress.

I think I'm not going to weigh-in tomorrow, because it will be awful, and probably make me cry.

So, back to the begininning. I'm going to read my ARC card, and head out for a run right now. And then I'll have a better day, dammit!

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