Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 18

Hey hey...148.6 this morning, which is kind of annoying, but I am doing really well, and my stomach looks flatter, so oh well. Today's big victory was going shopping at Costco...there was sooooo much good stuff that I wanted to buy, and I didn't get any of it! (For example the jumbo size bags of trail mix, and larabars, and costco cookies, and...well, everything really!) I told myself "It's not like I can't have this EVER...I just shouldn't buy this right now, because I know it will sabotage my diet efforts, and I've been doing really well". Somehow that's easier to accept than just "NO, CAN'T HAVE IT!"

I really hope that the scale is down tomorrow...last saturday it was 147.2, and even though I overate last weekend, it would still be really discouraging if the scale hasn't budged.

Day 18 is 'Change Your Definition of Full'...after each meal I'm supposed to analyze how full I am. And stop eating before I get too full!

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