Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 37

145.8 today! I am SO HAPPY! I feel motivated all over again :)

I've been doing really well with food...at night I roast/chop/prepare in some way veggies to eat at work the next day. As we speak I'm roasting brussel sprouts and kabocha squash. I'll sprinkle the kabocha with saigon cinnamon & sweet n' low, and it is delicious cold the next day. Like dessert, practically.

Yesterday I did a really good swim workout, and I planned on biking tonight, but I'm going to go back to work instead :S I have a bunch of stuff to finish up, and I want to do a good job of it, since I'm still new and all. I did do some strength training this morning, so at least I got that in.

Day 37 is Reduce Stress. I was feeling a LOT of stress at work yesterday...I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff the expect me to know, and how fast they expect me to do it! But I figure I will just do the best I can (and I talked to my boss about extending the deadline a bit), and if it doesn't work out, then oh well...at least this is just a contract position anyway :)

Anyway, Judith has a bunch of suggestions about reducing stress. I don't think I'm a stress-y person in general (definitely not one of those perfectionist types), and really, my life is not that stressful to begin with. But I will give them a try...especially the relaxation part.

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