Sunday, July 11, 2010

And I'm Back!

The weekend was fun, but I overate, AGAIN :( Not an all-out binge, and I didn't eat any junk food, so I guess I can give myself credit for that, but I am not exercising nearly enough to have the "buffer calories" I used to. Sigh.

I really, REALLY need to lose this weight though. I wore pants and long sleeves this whole weekend, even though it was super hot, because I hate the way my arms and legs look right now. And I just feel crappy. This is ridiculous. I need to get on with my life!

Tomorrow is my first day of work, and I'm looking forward to using the gym there, and getting into a good routine. Tomorrow night, after I've seen what the fridge/kitchen/cafeteria situation is like, I'm going to map out my food plan. I think I'll go with 1800 calories/day, because 1500 is too tough for me.

So yeah, I'm feeling frustrated. But I feel like the light is at the end of the tunnel...

Tomorrow is also Day 25 of the Beck book, which is "Identify Sabotaging Thoughts". I'll report back on that tomorrow!

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