Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 23

The scale said 150.2 today. Believe me, I was NOT happy.

So, I spent some time today doing some research on my diet, and logging all of today's food in so that I could get a good look at where I was going astray, since my current plan is clearly not working. Here's a quick summary of my findings.

- I should try to keep my carb count under 100. Today I ate around 120. Everything I ate was low-carb-ish, but I did eat one pear. Only 1, which I thought was acceptable...but holy shit, ONE pear has 25g of carbs! 25% of my daily total! sheesh! (Unfortunately I bought a whole bag of pears because they were on sale for $1.99) Clearly $1.99 is not worth blowing my diet for, so I may just throw them out, or eat 1/2 at a time or something...because other than fruit, all my carb quantities were pretty reasonable.

- I need to get a better handle on portion sizes for high-calorie foods (feta cheese, olive oil, steak). I was totally guessing at quantities when I was putting stuff in fitday. I think once I get my food scale (I ordered it from amazon) that will help a lot. And even for vegetables it will be helpful, because they have things like "1 cup kale, chopped"...but depending on how much you chop it, that can be a lot or a little! I don't think I'm overdoing it on portion sizes, but who actually knows.

So, I'm going to start measuring stuff for a little while, and watching my fruit and carb intake. Hopefully these changes will help! At least I'm feeling more positive after doing this I'm actually DOING something, instead of just crossing my fingers and getting on the scale.

On to the Beck book...tomorrow is Day 23, which is 'Counter the Unfairness Syndrome'. I don't think this one really applies to me, because honestly, I eat like a freaking cow. It is no mystery how I packed on the pounds (binge eating on chocolate and cookies and such for the past few months), and I should probably be glad that the damage wasn't worse. I think I'm pretty lucky in terms of metabolism, because I still eat more than most people.

Despite my lack of progress, I still feel like I'm doing well overall. It's a PROCESS overall, and I know if I just stick to it, keep reading my response cards, and continue working on my diet, the results will come!

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