Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 27

Another good eating day, on account of the fact that I was too busy, and didn't have any food! (I brought a can of soup for the afternoon, but my work does not seem to have a can opener. Or bowl. hmmm...)

Today was my weigh-in day, and I was 148.6, which is up .6 from last week. But, oh well. I need to step up my exercise, but otherwise I think I'm moving in the right direction.

I didn't really have any sabotaging thoughts today...although, I did eat my sugar snap peas and nuts way early (they were supposed to be a 3pm snack, but I ate them with lunch)...because...they were there. I guess I was thinking "What difference does it make when I eat them? I'll just eat them now, and then I won't be hungry later."...obviously that is NOT true. Tomorrow I will leave afternoon snacks in the fridge to avoid temptation, and when I'm tempted I will tell myself "WAIT until you are hungry! You don't need these now!".

Tomorrow is Day 27, which is 'Master the 7 Question Technique'. I'm writing the questions down on a card, and sticking it in my purse, so I can pull it out at work if need be.

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  1. I've done the same thing before. I eat my snack thinking I'll be just fine and then BOOM hunger strikes me and I'm starving and I wind up eating something NOT good for me.

    I too carry the 7 questions around in my purse and I have them posted in my cubicle.

    This week has been a very good week for me. I weigh in tomorrow for a challenge that I'm on, wish me luck!