Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 28

A few obstacles today...first of all, I was eating lunch with my new boss today (he was on vacation my first 2 days). I didn't want to eat the lunch I brought, since it was gonna be a massive bowl of coleslaw and some leftover pork tenderloin that I planned on eating right out of the tinfoil. (Seems a bit unprofessional, no?) So instead I bought a soup and salad from the cafeteria...still a healthy choice, just a few more carbs than I would have eaten otherwise.

Then, apparently every wednesday they have a little social hour (well, social 15 mins) with free food. I would have just skipped it, except that I'm new, and I want to be sociable! They had ice cream and waffle cones and fresh fruit. I got a single scoop of ice cream in a bowl. And then later in the afternoon I went back and got a bowl of fruit...but then I realized, I already ate too many carbs/sugar today, and I really don't need this fruit. I am only eating it because it is free and it is there. So I stopped eating and threw the rest out.

So anyway, it wasn't a perfect day, but I still feel like I'm doing well. Usually I would make some kind of excuses about things "not counting" because they're free, or it's my first week of work or whatever. Unfortunately I am way too busy to do the workout I planned to do tonight. But oh well. It's a process.

Day 28 is Get Ready To Weigh In. I already did my weekly weigh-in on tuesday, but the info still applies for every day. My last weigh-in wasn't good, but I think I'm doing a good job of staying problem-solving oriented. We'll see what the scale holds tomorrow!

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