Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 17

Okay, lots to report today!

I did really well with eating today...TONS of vegetables, and I made my own South Beach Diet friendly salad dressing too (I think it needs to be 'kicked up a notch', but not bad for a first effort). I've been on a roll this week, so I'm hoping I can keep it up for the long weekend (Canada day tomorrow!) 149.2 on the scale today, but whatever. I'm doing really good.

Today for exercise I went on a really long walk, and checked out a cool street with all kinds of trendy stores. I went browsing through the Williams Sonoma store (LOVE that place! If I was a richie I would buy EVERYTHING!), and they had a free sample of something-or-other, and I didn't even bother checking what it was, I just said NO CHOICE to myself, and carried on. Judith would be so proud.

In other news, I got an offer for the job I had an interview for last week! hurray! It doesn't pay that well, and it is only a 6-month contract, but I think I will accept it anyway, because let's face it, I need a job! I'll probably start on July 12th, and the place I'm working has a gym and a cafeteria with lots of healthy options, so hopefully it will be diet friendly. I have a bit of a dilemma though, because I DESPERATELY need some new clothes before then. (Like, for real. I'm not one of those people that actually has a closet full of clothes as says "oh, I don't have a thing to wear"...I seriously have nothing that is work-appropriate. My last job was super super casual, and in California, so I wore jeans, tshirts, and flip-flops every single day of the year.) Anyway, I certainly don't want to buy a lot of clothes at my current weight. Hell, I don't even want to TRY ON clothes right now. So I think I will just buy as little as possible, and save the real shopping spree for when I hit 135.

So, day 17! Today I'm supposed to put food on my plate, and then not eat it. And also put something that is not on my diet on my plate, and not eat thing. I can do that!

Okay, now that I have written a novel, I think I should go clean up now. (Watching Hoarders does that to me...ever seen that show? YIKES.)

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