Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 12

150.2 this moring...ugh. I mean, I know that 1-2lbs/week is a good amount for weight loss, so I shouldn't be expecting the scale to go down every day. And yesterday, I ate TONS of stuff...I was hungry all day long! Most of it was vegetables, and what wasn't vegetables was lean meat, eggs, and a handful of almonds. So healthy stuff, but still A LOT of food (like, probably around 2000 calories or so).

The point of yesterday's exercise was to evaluate your hunger, and I deemed myself to be about a 6, or "annoyingly hungry" pretty much the whole day. But perhaps I wasn't reeeeally hungry...I was at home for most of the day, and doing a bunch of work on my resume, which I hate doing. So it's entirely possible that food was handy and accessible, and I just procrastinating and putting off doing actual work.

Today is Practice Hunger Tolerance, which I think will be good for me to assess how hungry I really am. I plan on eating some eggs w/ veggies & FF ham in a bit for breakfast, and then I WILL NOT EAT until 4pm. I know that 4pm is not really dinner time, but usually I eat like every 2 hours, so this will be tough. Like, really tough. It's supposed to help me get over my fear of hunger, so we shall see!

In other news, I have an interview tomorrow, so I'll have to go shopping for something to wear. (I need new clothes in SUCH a bad way). I was hoping to be skinny before buying new stuff, but I guess I will have to get one "fat" outfit. boo. (I don't think I really want this job, because it starts with a 6 month contract, and I want something permanent..but I haven't had an interview in years and years, so it will be good practice.)

Moving forward, I just need to eat less! I think when I feel hungry, I will look at the clock and say "I feel hungry, but this is not an emergency. If I still feel hungry at X O'clock, I will have a snack then". Also I need to step it up in the exercise department. I think I will set up my bike on the bike trainer, and try to do at least 30 mins of cardio (in addition to weights) each day. I think once I have a job and i get into a good workout routine this will be much easier...back when I lived in the USA, I had SUCH a good routine going!

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