Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 2 and 3

Sooo...this morning I got on the scale. Now, I knew that it was going to be bad. I knew that I am probably heavier than ever before. But still.... The scale said 152.8. That is a full 8 pounds heavier than my heaviest. AAAAAH! I feel all panicky about this now. How did I let this happen? Crisis Situation! I must go run 4 marathons and never eat again!

Okay, yes, this is bad. I let this happen because I was overwhelmed by a lot of changes that were going on, and I didn't care about making healthy choices, I just wanted to EAT. Also, I was travelling around a lot, and hardly exercising at all. Of course I gained 8 lbs!

Well, the good news is that 152.8lbs is the heaviest I will ever be, because I am now taking charge. Also, I don't have a job here yet, so I have plenty of time to prepare healthy food and workout. And, the first time ever, I am living by myself, so I won't have unhealthy food around unless I bring it home. And I have the Beck Diet Solution to help me. This is not the end of the world. It is a temporary setback from looking good and feeling great.

Okay, so the scale was a good kick in the pants for me. Now, I am a girl with a plan! And goals! Here they are:


Lose 22.8lbs
Stop Binge Eating
Train my brain to "Think Like a Thin Person" (that's what Judith Beck says I can do!)


Follow the Beck Diet Solution book, and post about it here every day.
Follow the South Beach Diet
Write everything I eat down in my note book
Exercise every day

(The South Beach Diet doesn't tell you to write everything down, but when I followed it before I found myself eating low-fat cheese like it was going out of style. I'm hoping that writing it down and will prevent that.)

Alright, moving on to the Beck Diet Solution! Judith (the author) says it's okay to do multiple steps in one day, especially at the beginning, if you're anxious to get started. And oh, I AM.

For Day 2, the task is to pick 2 reasonable diets, the idea being that if one doesn't work out for you, you'll have a fall back plan. I'm picking the South beach Diet as #1, and just regular calorie-counting as #2. For regular days when I'm at home, following the south beach diet shouldn't be a problem, but there will be situations (ie next weekend, when I'm going wine tasting with my sister) where the SB diet won't be an option. I guess I could always skip these events (or go wine tasting and not drink the wine...) but I really hate to miss out on a social event, especially because I have so few friends here! So I will plan ahead for situations where I won't be able to follow the SB diet, and I will track the calories that I consume, and keep my indulgences under control. Sounds good so far!

For Day 3, the task is to only eat sitting down. This prevents you from doing a lot of mindless eating.


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