Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 12 Update

Okay, it is now almost noon...and I am HUNGRY. After all, I have been awake for 6 hours, I did a little workout at the gym this morning, and I have only eaten ~400 calories. On a normal, healthy eating day I would be chowing down on a massive salad right now, perhaps with some chicken. (I won't get into what I would be eating on a normal not healthy eating day...ha ha). BUT, I am staying strong, and not eating, in order to learn this valuable lesson that Day 12 is teaching me. But, it's only for a few hours. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, and this certainly won't kill me. I will read my little ARC cue cards, and drink some diet coke, and basically suck it up. And then at 4:01pm I will have the best salad known to man!

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