Sunday, June 27, 2010

And I'm Back!

Gotta make this quick because it's late!

This weekend was really fun. I also ate too much. boo. HOWEVER, I am going to focus on the positive here, and remember that I am a work in progress. I may not eat the perfect amount of food all the time, but at least I didn't let a bit of overeating turn into an all-out eating bender.

Good things that I can get myself credit for:

- My sister had a lot of delicious junky things in the house (chocolate, chips, etc), and I didn't eat any of them.
- On Sunday night, I said "no thanks" to dessert. (And then hit the road really fast before I could change my mind!)
- I overate, but a least a lot of it was healthy food.

Areas of Improvement:

On the drive there, I brought a bunch of healthy snacks for the road, and to eat for the weekend. Good idea, right? Planning ahead so that I always have access to healthy food! The problem is, I put them in the passenger seat, and while I am driving I get bored. And I will eat ANYTHING within reach, because there is nothing else to do! Including SIX cheese strings. Aaaand an entire pack of sugar snap peas. (Don't judge...I know I have a problem!) So I pretty much ate my healthy snacks for the weekend in the first 2 hours of the trip, and I wasn't even really hungry! Moving forward, I should just not bring food in the car, or I should put it in the trunk where I can't reach it without stopping the car. Lesson learned.

I really need to work on the stop-and-reevaluate-your-hunger thing. When I get hungry, I get all panicky about it, and I eat a snack (like a pack of almonds), but then I'm still hungry, and I eat a bunch of other things, and then I'm way full. If I waited, the hunger would go away. I just gotta keep working on this. NOTE TO SELF: When you are hungry, CHILL OUT. YOU WILL NOT DIE OF HUNGER. AT LEAST NOT FOR SEVERAL DAYS.

Okay, moving on to Day 14! This is the day where I plan everything I'm gonna eat. And then I eat only what I planned. Easy, peasy! (ha ha, if only it was...)

So here is my plan tomorrow:

Sugar snap peas (~100 calories) at ~6AM
Eggs w/ ham & veggies, and probably another handful of ss peas (~425 calories) at 9:30AM
2 chicken sausages & salad w/ feta cheese & balsamic dressing (~500 cals) at 1PM
latte (~100 cals)at 3PM
chicken stir-fry w/ loads of veggies and sesame ginger sauce(~500 cals) at 5pm

That's ~1600 calories of good healthy food. And I'm going to prep the stir-fry stuff good and early, like maybe right after lunch, so that I can't decide it will take too long and change my mind!

Alright, off to bed...goodnight!

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  1. Ok, I've been reading your blog for how long now, and just now realizing that I could have been leaving comments! UGH! *shaking head*

    Anyways, I'm the SAME way!! I can pre-pack food, but once I "think" I'm hungry, look out!! I'm devouring everything in sight! And, if I don't feel full, I look to eat more. I'm learning to have my "portion" and then walk away from food, drink some water and sit and see if I'm truly "hungry" or just mentally hungry.

    Overall, it sounds like you did very well! CONGRATS on your progress!!!