Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 1

Week 1 of the Beck Diet Solution is 'Laying the Groundwork' don't even actually start dieting until week 3. (I will we watching what I eat anyway though, seeing as how I would like to be able to wear my regular pants VERY SOON.)

The task for Day 1 is to create an Advantages Response Card where you write down all the advantages of losing weight. The idea is, you read the card and you're reminded of the reasons you want to lose weight, and you'll be able to resist tempting food.

I think we'll be able to put this theory to the test pretty soon, because I am tempted to eat the feta cheese in my fridge right now.

Lizzy's Advantages Response Card:

1. I won't have to wear these ugly stretchy pants and too-tight jeans. And then I will be able to go shopping for new, skinny pants!

2. I will feel more confident. This will be great for meeting new friends in my new city!

3. I will look better. This will be helpful in my task of finding a new boyfriend!

4. I won't feel all out of control and frustrated with myself for binge eating crappy food, like I often am now.

5. I will be fitter, and better at sports.

6. I won't feel like such a fatass when I hang out with my skinny sister.

7. When I see my old friends at an upcoming wedding in October, they will say I look great!

Okay...those are the reasons I can think of for now. I'm going to set up my email so that my reasons get sent to me several times a day, and I'll also read them whenever I feel like eating food that I shoudn't.

Alrighty, task 1 is DONE! And I haven't eaten the cheese, and I'm not going to far so good!

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