Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 4 and 5

The scale said 150.2 this morning. Obviously I did not lose 2.6 pounds since yesterday (I think I am just really dehydrated) but the sooner I get out of the 150s, the better!

I did really well with all my goals yesterday...I ate only SBD foods (tons of vegetables!), wrote it all down (~1700 calories total), ate sitting down, and went on a nice long hike at some trails I heard were really nice (and they were!)

Moving I'm tackling day 4 and 5 in the Beck Diet Solution. (And again, I'm combining two days in 1 just to speed things up a bit at the beginning, and because Judith says it's okay. Yes, Judith Beck and I are on a first name basis now!)

Day 4 - give yourself credit. I'm supposed to tell myself things like "Good Job!" and "You're doing Awesome!" whenever I follow my diet plan. That shouldn't be too tough. I know next weekend when I'm on my wine tasting trip it will be VERY difficult to follow my diet, so I think I'll plan some sort of reward incentive if when I do. Maybe a new workout shirt from Lululemon!

Day 5 - Eat Slowly And Mindfully. This one will be trickier, because I usually wolf down my food while watching tv. So, I plan to eat meals with a big glass of water or tea, and put my fork down in between bites, and take a drink, and generally just chill the heck out.

This morning I'm going to go check out a gym that's in the area and see if it's somewhere I'd want to get a membership. It has spinning classes that are included in the price, so it looks promising! I really like having classes to go to, because it's so easy to put off a workout until later, or wimp out on it.

So far so good!

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