Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 14

So...lots to report! My interview yesterday went well...they asked me some tough technical questions that I fumbled through badly, but all the talking parts were good.

As for food, I ended up drinking 2 glasses of white whine, 1 mojito, and then 3 (very small) pieces of bread with butter. I resisted the bread all night, but towards the end I was hungry (and I wanted to sober up faster!) I thought "no problem, I'll just each the little pack of almonds I always carry in my purse"...but then I realized I brought my other purse. doh! Anyway, still not too bad for a night of going out with friends, and I didn't eat too much during the day either. I got these turkey burgers from Costco that are made of turkey and spices and that's it (200 cals each, and 36g of protein!), and anyway they are GREAT for filling me up! I'm not hungry for hours after eating them! I'll definitely buy some more this weekend. Also, the scale said 147.2 today! (I'm sure it's because I slept in more today, and I'm dehydrated from the drinks...but I'll take it!)

Day 14 is Plan for Tomorrow. You're supposed to write down EVERYTHING you're going to eat for the entire day in advance. I'm actually going to delay this one until Sunday (and write down everything I'm going to eat for Monday), because I'm headed off to do some wine tasting this weekend. (I SWEAR I don't normally drink this much!) Weekend trips like this are usually total diet sabotage, so I plan on staying on track by doing the following:

- not drinking too much (perhaps I'll volunteer to drive, and then I won't have a choice)
- continuing to write down everything I eat
- buying lots of healthy food so that there are no excuses if I get hungry (we're having a picnic lunch at the winery, so I'm thinking lots of fresh veggies, and a bit of cheese)

I probably won't be posting tomorrow, so stay tuned for a full report on Monday. Have a good weekend!

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