Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 8 and 9

148.6 this morning...moving in the right direction...

Yesterday I did pretty well. I was STARVING all day, so I ate a whole lot of roasted vegetables...the calories were more than I planned on eating, but I made all healthy choices, so hurray for me!

For day 8 of the beck diet, you're supposed to Create Time And Energy. This one should be pretty easy for me, because in my current sad existence, I have nothing BUT time and energy for losing weight. This will hopefully change soon when I make some friends here, and find some gainful employment, but for now, easy peasy.

Day 9 is Create an Exercise Plan. I've been doing pretty well with miscellaneous exercise every day, but I think I will get a gym membership with spinning classes I can do. Today I'm going to head out on a hike!

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