Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 10 and 11

(Note: I think once I get to week 3, I'll do just one day at a time...but for now since it's just the planning stage, I think I can handle 2 days).

The scale said 150.0 this morning...BOOO. But I ate healthfully and did a really tough hike yesterday, so I am not discouraged...these things happen when you weigh in every day.

Day 10 is Set a Realistic Goal. Where by realistic goal Judith means 5lbs. I'm cool with that...5lbs would be a great start. So, 5lbs it is...when I get to 145 lbs, I will treat myself to a pedicure! Fun! (And I think I'll get myself some Lululemon pants when I reach 140...EVEN BETTER!)

Day 11 is Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings. I would say right now that I'm pretty good at identifying which one of these I am experiencing...aaaand not so good at not eating if it's not hunger. But whatever, that's why I have the book. I'm supposed to write down how I'm feeling and stuff in the little chart...I already ate breakfast, so this is how it would go so far.

Before breakfast --> 8. I am HUNGRY. (I went to the gym first)
Midway --> 7. Still hungry. (I made eggs w/ some ham and vegetables)
After --> 6. Still hungry. (So then I drank some herbal tea and ate a big handful of sugar snap peas)
20 minutes later -->3 Not full, but not hungry anymore. Good, overall.

I guess I could have waited longer before eating the sugar snap peas to see if the hunger went away. But they're a VEGETABLE (like, 100 calories max) so I'm not going to stress about that too much. I'll try the wait-and-see strategy at lunch though.

I took a sneak peak at Day 12 and it looks like I have to skip lunch. On purpose. YIKES.

Off to work on my resume!

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